Vous vous posez la question pourquoi les USA et le Sénégal? C’est parce que je suis née au Sénégal et que j’ai grandi aux Etats-Unis, précisément à Boston et que je vis maintenant en France depuis 2010.

Currently between the USA, Senegal and France.

As a licensed real estate broker, she has worked as an agent, broker manager at timemanagers.com (Real Estate Consulting and Concierge Service) for more than 20 years.

Immersion Linguistic Stay Bed & Breakfast

In 2011, she founded mrsbolden an “Immersion Linguistic Stay Bed & Breakfast” near Le Mans, France. Culturally speaking, She was the vice president of Roslindale Board of Trade and is now the president/co-founder of a non profit organization, “French American Center of TUFFE and Senegal” in FRANCE. Website

As your future partner with strong leadership, exceptional organizational and management skills, you can rest assure that special and careful attention will be brought to your project.


Real Estate Academy Boston (Real Estate Broker/Business Management)
Field Of Study Real Estate Brokerage and Business Management
Grade Real Estate Broker/Business Management (2001 – 2009)


As a real estate broker, she is permitted to work in the following situations.
Listing agents are seller’s agents because they represent the seller. This agency owe a fiduciary responsibility to the seller under a listing agreement and must protect that interest.
A buyer’s agent is a selling agency (not to be confused with a seller’s agent), in some states, an exclusive buyer’s agent never works for sellers. Many agents, however, work with both sellers and buyers, although not usually in the same transaction. Buyer’s agents may or may not require a buyer to sign a buyer’s broker agreement.
Dual Agents enter dual agency when they represent both the seller and the buyer. Dual agency can happen even if the there are two agents involved — a listing agent and a buyer’s agent — if both agents work for the same broker. That’s because it is the real estate broker who creates agency.
Transaction/Facilitator agent does not represent either party but simply facilitates a transaction.

CLC BOSTON Degree Name Microsoft Office Specialist
Computer Software and DOS (1994 – 1996)


Vice President “Roslindale Board of Trade” 1993
and “Cause Economic Empowerment”

Local business empowerment,
Established in 1926, the Roslindale Board of Trade is the community’s prime business network. The organization gives a strong voice to business both within the community and the city. It is an effective support for member businesses and their products and services and offers many opportunities for business networking. As one of the oldest business associations in Boston, the Board of Trade is a vital and active organization in the community. This growth mirrors the economic vitality and recent rennaissance of Roslindale.

The mission of the Roslindale Board of Trade (RBT) is to foster and promote the vitality and productivity of the Roslindale business and professional community, thereby contributing to the economic welfare of the general commonwealth of which we are a part. We seek to promote the Roslindale business and professional community by providing networking opportunities and an environment for the personal and professional growth of our members.

She is fluent in French and English, well rounded, thoughtful, independent and resourceful. She has excellent management and executive level communication skills. This combination of diverse skills allows her to succeed in various positions.